Which of the above smartphone apps will make you feel more alive?

Which of the above smartphone apps will make you feel more alive?

Here are a few of the apps I have found to be more helpful than others when it comes to keeping me sane, and in some cases even keeping me from feeling suicidal.

I am aware of several other apps that are better than these but I do not list them here. 

If you have any other thoughts about the apps listed above, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 


The Mental Health App: The Mental Heath App is a simple, yet effective app that can help you stay alive while you’re on your medications, or even while you are recovering from them.

I’ve found this app to be a lifesaver when I was taking my medication.

It is not a life-saving app, but it can be useful to keep you alive while on the drugs, as long as you are on them. 


The Sleep Checker: Sleep Checkers can help people who have difficulty sleeping, and it can help them stay calm and focused while they are sleeping.

The app will also tell you if your medication is affecting your sleep quality.

The sleep checker is a great app to have while you have a tough day, as it can give you a good sense of how your sleep is coming along. 


The Health and Fitness App: This app has a lot of different options for people who are having difficulty getting fit.

It includes a nutrition tracker, a exercise tracker, and an activity tracker.

The tracker shows you how many calories you are burning and the amount of time you are exercising, and if you are eating healthy.

The activity tracker shows how many steps you are taking each day, and the nutrition tracker shows the amount you are getting in your diet. 


The Weather App: I’ve been using this app for a long time, and I’ve had a lot to say about it.

It has a number of different weather features, including the ability to predict the next weather conditions.

I have had a number in the past and this one is a real game-changer. 


The Mood App: Mood is a very powerful app that has been helping me get better at managing my emotions.

The mood app will help you focus, and can help get you through a tough mood in the morning or a tough night. 


The Fitness Tracker: The fitness tracker shows your total fitness and can show you how much calories you’re burning during each day.

This can be really helpful for people with a busy schedule who are struggling to get into shape. 


The Diet Tracker: This is a fitness tracker app that will help guide you through your diet plan.

You can track calories, calories burned, and how many carbs you eat each day so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. 


The Podcast Tracker: I have been using the Podcast Tracker app a lot, and have found it to be quite useful when I am not feeling great.

The podcast tracker can help me keep track of how many podcasts I have listened to and when I listen to them.

The amount of podcasts you listen to will determine the number of calories you burn each day while you listen. 


The Fit Tracker: This is a tracking app that shows you the amount and number of steps you take each day and also shows the number and type of calories that you are losing each day during your workout.

This is great for people trying to lose weight, and for people that are trying to stay fit. 


The Personal Health App : This app will keep you healthy, even while on drugs.

The personal health app will show you what your medications are doing to your body, and also help you decide how to take steps to stay healthy. 


The Stress Tracker:This is an app that tracks your stress levels and can be very helpful in dealing with stress. 


The Music App: I have been very impressed with the music apps available for smartphones, and this app is one of the most well-rounded, powerful, and versatile.

It shows you all of the songs that you have downloaded on your phone and allows you to play them on the fly.

The music app is a lifesaving tool. 


The Sports App: If you are a football fan, the Sports app will be an invaluable tool.

It will show how many yards you have scored and the number you have gained and lost.

It also shows you who your favorite players are and how much you are playing. 


The Lifestyle App:This app has been very helpful for me, as I have struggled to stay motivated for the past month and a half.

The lifestyle app will let you stay on track with your life and stay fit and healthy.

It can help motivate you to keep working hard at your job and keep going to the gym and exercising. 


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