‘Tiny’ indie game makes $1M in first week, but it’s a risky venture

It’s a tale of the indie-game developer’s own making: Tiny Adventures.

It’s a platformer game about a group of anthropomorphic fish.

It’s the first indie game to reach the $1 million milestone in less than two weeks, and it’s just the beginning.

As of the end of March, Tiny Adventures had raised over $1.6 million, with more than $1,000,000 coming from pre-orders, according to its developer, TinyGames, which has a strong presence in the gaming industry.

TinyGames is currently working on another title called Tiny Tower, which was funded on Indiegogo.

Both of these games, Tiny Tower and Tiny Adventures, are still relatively new, but their success is indicative of a much larger trend in indie gaming: The rise of the “indie indie.”

This is an emerging category in the video game industry that includes indie-developers who want to make their own games but have been stymied by a lack of funding from traditional publishers.

Indie games can cost as little as $5 to $10, depending on the type of game and the complexity of the mechanics.

It can take years to build and there are limited resources.

Indie developers have also been increasingly focused on the mobile gaming market.

In 2014, mobile gaming accounted for nearly one-third of all video game revenue worldwide, according, according data from Nielsen.

Many of these mobile games were free or very inexpensive.

That’s a significant opportunity for indie game developers.

Tiny Adventures, which is currently available for iOS and Android, was originally funded by IndieCade, a festival that celebrates and supports small developers.

IndieCades’ organizers were interested in Tiny Adventures because they thought Tiny Adventures could help expand the IndieCader community.

The festival was a big opportunity for Tiny Adventures and the indie developers who participated.

The festival featured more than 100 developers who were in the early stages of their careers, and these developers were able to showcase their games and gain funding from the indie community.

“IndieCade really stepped up and was kind of like an incubator for me and the other devs,” said Tiny Adventures developer Nathan Hargreaves.

“They’re helping us get funded.”

Hargrearts started Tiny Adventures after receiving a call from his sister-in-law who was having trouble getting an appointment to the festival.

The call was a precursor to the Indiecade game jam.

Hargresaid that the Indiecade game jam was an opportunity to learn from other developers and to “be a little bit more open to new ideas, to get some experience with the tools.”

The jam was originally a gathering of developers, but the Indie Cade organizers wanted to help as many developers as possible get involved in the jam.

“When I was first getting into it, it was very much a learning experience for me,” Hargres said.

“Now that I’ve been able to get involved, I think it’s more of an ongoing process.”

A year later, the indie game developer is still in the process of building Tiny Adventures 2, and he says it’s working well.

He said Tiny Towers success shows that indie developers can still get funded, and there’s a chance that Tiny Towers will be funded in the future.

The Tiny Adventures community is growing rapidly.

There are more than 1,000 Tiny Adventures supporters and there is currently a Tiny Adventures Facebook group with more people than ever.

“We’ve grown exponentially over the past year and we’ve had amazing support from all over the world,” said Hargrees brother Nathan.

“People from all walks of life, they come from all corners of the world to help.

We’re doing a lot of amazing things and we’re going to keep going.”

The Tiny Adventure team also said that the success of the Tiny Adventures game jam has been invaluable in building their team.

They are now working on the second game in the series, Tiny Towers, which will be available in October.


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