How to build a smartphone app

How to build a smartphone app

A few months ago, the subreddit /r /Android was buzzing with excitement about a new smartphone app.

Called the “Android App” it was designed to let people take their phone anywhere with them and have a full experience of Android.

This was a big deal.

The Android app would be able to display all the features of the OS without requiring you to be rooted or using a phone with a camera that had to be attached to the phone.

Users could download the app, sign up, and get a beta version.

The beta version was supposed to be ready for release within a few months, but after some delays and a few major issues, it was finally released last month.

But not everyone was so excited about this new app.

In fact, the app itself was so buggy that users couldn’t even access it and didn’t get to test out the new features it was supposed for.

So, to help people figure out what was going on, we asked the subreddit’s /r #Android moderators if they’d like to help out with a new “Android app” they’ve been working on.

One moderator, @joshcortland, responded to our question with this video of him testing the beta version of the app.

It’s pretty cool.

The developers of the “App” are actually making an iOS version as well, but the beta versions were already up on their website.

So here’s a guide to how to build an Android app.


Make sure you have a device that can be rooted 2.

Create a “Project” in Google’s Project Navigator 3.

Create an “Android” Project in your project’s “Properties” section 4.

Go to “Prospect” and select “Create” to add a new Android project.

Once you’re done adding a project, select “Start” and it will launch the app you’ve created in Google Project Navigators.

Once it’s started, it will display the “Projects” page.

You can then tap “Create Android” and then “Start Android App”.


Select your device and go to “Settings” and “System” and set it up for development.


Go into the “Development” menu and then tap the “Build” button in the top right corner of the screen.


Select “Android Developer Tools” and tap “Start Build”.

The build will start, and once it finishes, you’ll see the “APK” file for your Android device.

Once the build finishes, open the APK file you just created and you’ll notice it contains a new file named “Project”, with the name “Android”.

It’s now time to build the app!

Make sure your device has a working Bluetooth connection 8.

Download and install the APKSettings app from Google Play 9.

After installing the app and setting it up, open up the app again and tap the “+” icon next to the “Developer” section 10.

Under “Build Settings”, scroll down and tap on the “+ ” icon at the top left of the main screen 11.

Under the “Settings Menu”, tap on “Build System” 12.

At the top of the list, tap on Build System.

Choose “Install”.


Once installed, the “Apps” section should now be empty.

If you haven’t done so already, tap the + icon next for “App Builder” and you should see a list of all your app projects.

Tap on “Add New App” and choose an Android project from the list.


On the next page, tap “Build”.

At the bottom of the page, scroll down to “Build Configuration”.

Under “Create Project”, tap the “/” icon at your top-left corner.

Enter a name for the new Android app and tap ok. 15.

Once finished, you should be able access the Android app from the home screen of your device.

You should see the new “App Manager” icon on the home bar, and you can now tap it to open up all the apps the app is related to.

If the new app is an Android-only app, it should now show up on the Home Screen as an “App”.

If it’s an iOS-only or other type of app, you can still access it by using the “Add App” button under “Build.”


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