How to use a smartphone flashlight on a bus

How to use a smartphone flashlight on a bus

The UK’s top motoring website is reporting that Google’s new mobile app for the iPhone and Android smartphones can now be used to illuminate the back of your vehicle’s headlights and turn them on and off.

The app, called Smartphone Flashlight, is available on both the iPhone 5 and the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean model, and it can now turn your smartphone’s flashlight on and turn it off. 

Smartphone Flashlights are an essential part of modern vehicles and the app will be the first app to offer the feature, with an app for iPhone and a Android version for both of those devices set to be released later this year. 

As well as providing the ability to turn on the flashlight in your vehicle, the app also offers an ability to illuminate your vehicle in a number of ways. 

When a flashlight is on, the light will glow, which can help you find your way around a darkened vehicle or illuminate an area of the road that is otherwise dark. 

The app also features a number or a range of different light levels and brightness levels, with the option to change between them depending on the ambient light conditions. 

One interesting feature of the app is that the app can be used while driving in darkness, with a light level that is at a slightly lower brightness than the one you’d normally see in the car. 

But the app’s main purpose is to enable the driver to see their surroundings while driving, so that they can use the lights as an aid to navigation or to adjust their driving position and speed. 

Google has previously released apps for smartphones to assist with navigation, with its latest offering being a mapping app called Google Maps. 

So how does it work? 

The iPhone version of the Google app uses the same approach as the Android version, with both apps using the Google Maps API to make the mapping data available to the driver. 

Using the Google API means the app uses GPS information from the device to determine the exact location of the flashlight, and will also allow the app to provide the driver with an estimate of the distance and direction of the car’s path, in case of an emergency. 

In addition to the general functionality of the Android app, the iPhone app includes an optional feature called a ‘Smart Driver Assist’, which allows the driver in the vehicle to ask the app for a turn signal or stoplight, which then lights up and turns on the light in the same manner as the flashlights. 

You can also use the app while driving to turn the headlights on and on for the driver, which is useful if you are sitting behind the wheel and your smartphone is out of battery, but is not essential if you simply want to turn your headlights on when your vehicle is in the dark.


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