How to Find The Best Smartphone Apps To Buy

How to Find The Best Smartphone Apps To Buy

Smartphones are now a popular way to capture your home or office.

You can easily get your phone for free and use it to take pictures and record videos, and then share them online.

But there are plenty of free apps that will let you access them, including some of the best Android and iOS apps on the market.

These are the best apps for smartphone owners.1.

The App Store2.

Google Play3.

Amazon (free)4.

iLife (free, but limited)5.

iPhoto (free and limited)6.

Camera Plus (free but limited, but it has an “iOS only” version)7.

Pocket Camera (free for iOS)8.

Photo Booth (free on iOS)9.

PhotosPlus (free app on Android)10.

Photo Maker (free version for Android)11.

Instaflare (free download for iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows)12.

VideoPaint (free video editing app)13.

iMovie (free movie-making app)14.

Wifi (free WiFi network app)15.

MySky (free to set up wireless network)16.

AirPort (free wireless network app with a Wi-Fi card)17.

Spotify (free music streaming service)18.

Snapchat (free social media app)19.

YouTube (free online video site)20.

Facebook (free Facebook app)21.

Vimeo (free website for sharing videos)22.

VLC (free audio player for Windows)23.

Vudu (free streaming media service)24.

Plex (free media player for Linux)25.

Plex Live (free software to stream movies and TV shows)26.

Viber (free chat app)27.

Twitter (free messaging app)28.

Instagram (free mobile app)29.

SoundCloud (free service to play, stream and record music)30.

Vine (free application to record your music and videos)31.

Vibes (free photo editing app for iOS and Android)32.

Vodafone (free international mobile service)33.

Vibe (free phone app)34.

YouTube Play (free TV service)35.

Netflix (free US service)36.

Amazon Prime (free internet streaming service, but requires a smartphone)37.

Hulu (free subscription streaming service for Netflix)38.

Vevo (free YouTube video service)39.

Spotify Unlimited (free high-speed internet service)40.

Vivos (free live TV service with access to a TV)41.

Netflix Premium (subscription video streaming service with streaming, music and movie streaming, along with other content)42.

Hulu Plus (subscriptions service with high-quality, over-the-top TV and movies)43.

Amazon Instant Video (subscribers get access to unlimited video on demand)44.

Hulu Now (free access to Amazon Prime Instant Video)45.

HBO Go (subscriber gets access to HBO GO, HBO GO Plus, HBO Now, HBO Go Premium, HBO NOW Plus and other content via their internet service provider)46.

Amazon Video (free HBO subscription service)47.

Sling TV (subscribe to Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Video)48.

Netflix Kids (subsidy for kids service)49.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (subsidiary of Roku, Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick and other Roku devices)50.

Slings (sub subscription service for Hulu Plus)51.

Sesame Street (sub subscriptions for Sesame Workshop and other Sesame-related content)52.

Hulu Kids (additional access to Hulu Kids for children and family members)53.

Amazon Alexa (subscribed video service with a wide range of streaming, voice and video apps)54.

Netflix Original Movies (subbed video service that includes original content from Warner Bros. and Amazon Studios)55.

Sideshow (sub-subscription service with multiple content streams including the Disney Channel and Disney Junior)56.

Amazon Music Unlimited (subbing video service for Amazon Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify and other music services)57.

Amazon Cinema (sub subscribe to Amazon Studios streaming service and additional services like Netflix)58.

Amazon Go (add another Netflix subscription)59.

Hulu Prime (subsubscribe and add another Hulu subscription)60.

Hulu Mobile (sub Netflix mobile service with Netflix Go and other streaming and video services)61.

Amazon Original Movies, Sideshows, Video Games and other Video Content (sub access to other services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Amazon Video, Hulu Now, Hulu Plus Plus, Hulu Mobile, Hulu Kids and Amazon Video)62.

Amazon Originals (sub service for the original series from the creators of Netflix, Amazon Studios, HBO, Netflix and other Netflix-related programming)63.

Amazon Fresh (substreaming service with new shows from the original producers and creators)64.


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